Being a car owner, it is impossible to ignore the importance of the windscreen. It acts as a front glass shield that gives you a clear view during the drive. Any damage to the screen can prove to be harmful to your vehicle’s safety and integrity.

The Sun Affects the Car Windscreen:

Among all threats, the sun remains one of the constants that goes to the car windscreen. Excessive heat and harmful UV Rays can adversely affect the glass. As a result, you will observe a gradual decline in the condition of the windscreen. It might get damaged even with the smallest prick, making you run to the garage for windscreen replacement and repair.

How to Prevent UV Damage on Your Windscreen?

You can follow a few steps to keep using your car windscreen for longer. However, if the UV Rays damage the glass in a noticeable manner, it is advisable to visit your nearby garage for proper repair assistance.

  • Go for Window Tinting: Tinting refers to the process where you cover the windscreen or the car window with a dark, protective film. It has been proven to reduce the effects of UV rays on the glass. The UV Resistance increases manifold and gives your ride a unique aesthetic appeal. However, before tinting your glass, you must check the legal requirements.
  • Take Swift Action in Damages: Any chip or crack on the car windscreen affects its strength and durability. Under exposure to UV Rays, the damage can worsen. This ultimately jeopardises your safety. As a solution, you should take note of any damage to your car windscreen and reach your nearby garage for repair.
  • Park Your Car in Shades: This is one of the basic ways of protecting your valuable ride from harmful UV Rays. If your home is too cramped to add a garage space, you can park the car outdoors. However, ensure that it is properly covered and not affected by the rays.

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