Power windows are the new feature of cars. Unlike the older days when you need to operate the car’s windows manually, now the systems have changed. You can easily use the power button to operate, close and open the windows. This is undoubtedly a convenient option. However, there are a lot of drawbacks to the same as well. A sudden electrical problem might cause the power button to malfunction. Under such circumstances, the automatic operation of windows might stop.

If you face such a situation, you should call a professional car window repair in Croydon, Wandsworth and Lambeth for fixing the issue. Don’t delay; approach a professional at the earliest. Read on to know more about the reasons behind the malfunctioning of the automatic power windows.

What Are The Major Types Of Problems That Cause Power Windows To Malfunction?

 Broken Window Regulator

There is a window regulator present in the windows of every car that operates through power buttons. If the window regulator breaks, then the window will not move up and down, and the power button will not work effectively. Thus, if you face this problem, you must get the same replaced at the earliest.

Jammed Windows

The power window will suddenly stop working if the same has been jammed by snow and ice. Under extremely cold temperatures, the frame and the window regulators might get jammed, and the automatic button will not work effectively. Even if you clean up the snow, the remains and the rust might get hold of the window frames. This will automatically damage the window frames, and the automatic window will not work sufficiently.

Problems With Wiring

A series of wires attached to the power window helps operate effectively. If the wire is damaged, then the power window will stop working. After repairing the wires of the windows, they will start operating in a better manner.

Defective Window Motor

Along with the window regulator, a window motor is attached to every automatic power window. When the window moves, the motor operates. Sometimes you might encounter unknown problems with the motor. When you face such a situation, ensure that you get the motor checked by the specialists. They will replace the motor if necessary.

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