Driving on the highway is undoubtedly a thrilling venture. But it keeps your car exposed from all sides. So, if you want to protect your windshield on the highway better, you need specialised knowledge. The main culprits to harm your windshield on the road are flying stones and pebbles. They can lead to costly car window repairs in Croydon and even prompt the need for a replacement. Here, we will highlight how to safeguard your windshield better when driving on the open road.

Effective Ways to Protect Your Windshield on the Street

Here, we have outlined some stellar ways that can help you protect and safeguard your windshield better.

  • Keep your Distance

One of the easiest yet simplest ways to protect your windshield is to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. This way, you will have more windows of time to react and steer away if the car in front kicks out splinters of debris at your car. The same applies for big cars and trucks, as the latter tend to kick up more debris.

  • Avoid High-speed Driving

By all means, you should avoid driving at high speed. It significantly increases the likelihood of your windshield being hit by flying stones and pebbles. Though you may be tempted to go faster on the highway, we advise you to slow down to reduce the risk of damage to your windshield. Moreover, you should avoid sudden stops or quick turns to avoid debris from striking your windshield.

  • Repair Chips and Cracks as Promptly as Possible

If your windshield suffers damage, however minor and insignificant it may look, you should not sit on it. Even the tiniest chip or crack can exponentially spread in no time. It can significantly worsen the damage and compromise the overall safety of your vehicle. If you repair it sooner, you can dispense with the need for any costly replacement. This will ensure your windshield remains strong and secure.

  • Use a Windshield Cover

If you have to park your car in a debris-infested area, such as a construction site, you can benefit the most by using a windshield cover. The cover acts as an effective shield against flying stones, pebbles, and other kinds of debris, preventing them from hitting your windshield.

Driving on the highway can expose your car’s windshield to a myriad of damages all around. You should take better care to safeguard your windshield. However, if, despite everything, your windshield succumbs to chips and cracks, you should not hesitate to repair them as soon as possible. Motorglazier is here to help you with all kinds of car window repairs in Croydon. Reach out to us today!