A windscreen is a vital part of a vehicle that provides safety from environmental elements such as storms, debris, wind, etc. It offers passengers extensive protection in a roll-over accident and protects the car from getting crashed. And so, if the windscreen shows any signs of chip or crack, it can become a serious safety hazard. So, it’s always important for car owners to look for professional windscreen replacements in Croydon if they notice any chips or cracks on the windscreen, causing serious trouble in driving.

What are the reasons for windscreen chips and cracks?

Here are some of the most common reasons for windscreen chips and cracks.

Extreme cold

Temperature fluctuations often lead to frequent expansion and contraction of the windscreens. And this results in small cracks on the length of the glass. Further, moisture also causes large cracks to grow quickly. If the outside temperature of the vehicle is 40 degrees and the inside temperature is 20 degrees, it will result in glass distortion and contraction.

Stones and debris

Little stones are a common reason for cracks on the windscreens. And it happens especially when any road is under construction with loose stones kept unorganised on the motorway or when the trucks passing by drop little stones while driving ahead. These stones usually bounce off the ground and cause cracks on the windscreen.

Structural flaw

A windscreen not only supports the roof of a vehicle but also deflects airbags to the passenger side during an accident. And this is the reason why a strong adhesive is used for installing the windscreens. However, any kind of structural pressure might cause them to crack. Also, if the quality and manufacturing process isn’t up to the mark, they might easily crack in case of any concussion.

The final thoughts

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