A car is clearly one of the most valuable possessions for most people. More than its convenience, the car acts as a status symbol. However, a lack of maintenance may prevent the proper function of the car.

The Problem of Squeaky, Slow Car Windows:

One major problem most car owners face is damage to car windows. Stains and scratches are the most pertinent problem, followed by squeaky sound and slow speed to pull it up. However, this should not cause worry as you can cure the problems by contacting a reliable source for car window repairs in London.

How to Get Rid of Such an Annoying Problem?

In this blog, you can find out the easy ways to repair the squeak and speed of the windows of your car. Consult a professional repairer for reliable service.

  • The professionals generally use silicone grease spray. As an initial step, they spray the lubricant inside the seal on both sides of the window. The lubricant should also be applied on the top frame of the car window for better effect.
  • After applying the lubricants to the window, the repairer needs to ensure that the lubricant is well distributed down the vertical frame of the window. It should reach down to the bottom corner of the window’s seal. They generally use a rag to wipe lubricant around the window seal.
  • After waiting for a few minutes, the car repairers will pull up the window. The window should be rolled up and down at least three times to distribute the silicone grease evenly down the track. This would be beneficial in removing the squeaky noise from the car windows.
  • If the problem remains even after following these instructions, you may ask your car window repairer to repeat the same steps by applying more lubricant. You can also apply the lubricant to your car’s door components.

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