Interlink Between Car Windscreen Damage and Resale Value:

Unsafe driving may take a toll on various components of your car, especially the windscreen. As the name suggests, it is a protective shield that saves you from natural elements and freak accidents. Any damage to the glass panel could be fatal for the safety of the drivers and passengers alike.

Did you know that skipping timely windscreen replacement and repair could reduce your chances of getting a higher resale value? If you want to know how, read the following section.

Types of Windscreen Damage:

Depending on your use and local road conditions, the damage to the car windscreen can be variable. However, the most common types of issues include:

  • Simple Chip
  • Bull’s Eye Crack
  • Combination Break
  • Star Shaped Crack

The effects of these windscreen cracks can be a deterrent for a safe drive. It can cause problems on different grounds, including:

  • Visibility: Cracks formed on the driver’s line of sight impair visibility. As a result, safe and smooth driving becomes a challenge.
  • Airbag Malfunction: In some car models, the windscreen deploys the passenger side airbags. Cracked windscreens won’t function properly and compromise passenger safety.
  • Affects Aesthetic Value: The aesthetics of a car plays a vital role in its resale value. A cracked or damaged windscreen can reduce it significantly.

Impact of Windscreen Damage on Car Value:

Chips or cracks on car windscreens are a sign of poor maintenance. Upon observing the damage, a buyer may also perceive ignorance in maintaining other car components. It might influence their willingness to pay a higher sum to buy a second-hand vehicle. Additionally, the car may sustain structural damage if you leave the problem unattended for extended periods.

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