There is perhaps nothing worse than driving your car with ice on your windshield. Ice makes it significantly hard to discern or detect what is ahead of you. This is where the benefits of de-icing come into play. As a leading windscreen replacement company in Croydon, we have outlined some effective ways to de-ice your windshield.

Four Effective Ways to De-ice Your Car’s Windscreen

During the cold nights of the winter, water vapor becomes super chilled and tends to condense and freeze to the coldest surface in contact. This is how ice accumulates on the windscreen. This accumulation and piling of ice can cause considerable strain on the windshield.

  • Checking your Windscreen Wipers

If you wake up to a frozen windscreen, you should check your windscreen wipers to see whether they are functioning effectively. The wipers often become frozen to the windshield, and if you pull at them, they can simply rip. Moreover, if you use the rubber wipers on the frozen windscreen, the ice might as well cut through them. Hence, the wipers may become almost useless once the car has been defrosted.

  • Turning Your Ignition on

This is the primary step you need to take. You need to switch on your ignition and turn the heat to full. This will facilitate the engine’s beginning to warm up, which can, in turn, heat your vehicle’s cabin. However, if your car is fitted with a heated front or rear windscreen, it is best to utilize both of these features.

  • Using a De-icer and Ice Scraper

One of the most effective ways to remove ice from your car is to use a de-icer. A de-icer comes in a wide array of options and is readily available during the winter months. We recommend applying it to your windows once you have used it to the ice scraper. You should also begin scraping each window in turn. If you come across areas still covered by ice, you should apply more de-icer.

  • Getting Rid of Condensation

Once you have removed all the ice from the car, you can quickly move inside. Your windscreen will likely be covered with condensation. You might instinctively want to wipe the condensation from the glass; however, this practice might result in watermarks. Here, your best call is to allow the car’s heating system to warm up until the condensation evaporates.

Have you inadvertently damaged your car’s windshield while de-icing? Do you need a windscreen replacement in Croydon? We can help you with all kinds of windscreen replacement solutions, from windscreen replacement to defrosting. Reach out to Motorglazier today.