Is the side window of your car broken? Unlike windshields, the glasses used for the windows are not very hard and typically shatter upon receiving impact. The side window of a vehicle might get broken due to different situations like theft and vandalism, or collisions. Sometimes too much influence of the storm might also lead to the breaking down of the side windows. However, they can be repaired or replaced according to the situation. If you are suffering from such a situation, take your car to us at Motoglazier for a car window repair services in Croydon.

If you have experienced a specific breakdown of your side window, here are a few things you need to do before you decide to drive your car anywhere else. Read on and be enlightened so you can face such situations later.

4 Things to do you as soon as the side window of the car breaks down


Yes, taking pictures is essential as soon as the site window shatters. This will help The mechanic and the insurance company understand the damage. Ensure you access the rest of the vehicle for any other damage after encountering this situation. A picture of the broken glass will also help you to file a police complaint in case of vandalism.

Park your car safely.

Instead of taking the card to a mechanic, make sure you park it safely in a location. If you don’t have a garage nearby, Then contact us, who can come up to your site and fix your side glass flawlessly.

Do not drive the car.

Some car owners will try to cover the broken side window with plastic and continue with the drive. However, this is a severe safety concern for the people travelling in the car and the car itself. If you don’t fix the side Window for a long time, there can be issues with the internal parts of the vehicle, and it might also attract cases of vandalism.

Alert your insurance provider

Make sure that you’re allowed by the insurance company and the police about the problem that has occurred with your car because when you take the car for servicing repair or replacement of the side window, the mechanics will ask for details and would like you to get your card verified by the insurance company as well as the police.

Approach a renowned repair and replacement service immediately and get it fixed. Take your car to us at Motorglazier for car window repairs and replacement. To know more, check our website.