A windscreen, also referred to as a windshield, is the front window of a car. This window protects the driver and passengers inside the car from rain, breeze, and other adverse elements of nature while driving. However, the windscreen of your car may get damaged over time. In such circumstances, you should seek help from professionals offering windscreen replacement and repair services. Before calling a professional, you should have a fair idea about when to replace or repair your car’s windscreen.

Common Types of Windscreen Damage

Windscreen damage is a common occurrence and can happen due to various reasons. Below are some of the major types of windscreen damage:

a)Chips: They are cracks on the windscreen’s surface. Usually, these cracks are caused by debris or stones on the road.
b)Cracks: Cracks are deeper lines spanning the entire windscreen. Cracks on the windscreen arise because of accidents or temperature fluctuations.
c)Scratches: Unlike cracks, scratches are small surface marks on the windshield caused by activities like windscreen wiping and driving the vehicle through a rusty area.

When You Should Go With Windshield Repair?

Before choosing windscreen repair over replacement, you need to know that windshield repair is cheaper than its replacement. Get in touch with a professional offering car repair services and know which one will be the better option for you. Usually, the type, size, thickness, and location of the damage are the determining factors in this regard. If the breakage is smaller than 40 mm in diameter, your hired expert will recommend windscreen repair. However, the professional can repair a maximum of two chips.

When Do You Require Windscreen Replacement?

There are several instances when windscreen replacement is the only option. If a stone flings and makes a hole through your windshield, you may need replacement. When your windscreen has multiple chips, a replacement is on the cards. Your car’s windscreen is the sturdiest window manufactured from two layers of glass fused with an interlayer in between. This sandwiched layer adds strength to the structure and holds it together.

The Takeaway

Whether your windscreen requires repair or replacement predominantly depends on the extent of damage. For the desired results at your convenience, get in touch with a company providing windscreen repair and replacement services. This way, you gain necessary insights regarding the present condition of your windscreen.

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